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The "PT TUG' Rope is a super soft, strong, triple twisted cotton rope. Made in the United States. Does not contain any harmful chemicals or dyes. This makes it the ideal rope for pet toys. 

Discard old tug ropes and refresh with a new yummy colored Play Time Tug™ Rope. 

Dimensions: 3.5 feet total length. 

Enjoy fun game of tug-o-war with this House Dogge Play Time Tug Toy™ 

DEAR HUMAN: The PLAY TIME TUG TOY™  IS NOT SUITABLE FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS.  This toy is intended to be entertaining for pets who love to carry their toys around and/or enjoy a friendly game of toss & tug. No toy is indestructible. Know your pet. Be a good doggy friend by always supervising pets while they are playing with toys. If any toy becomes critically damaged, broken, or torn apart, please dispose of toy responsibly.. 

It's Play Time! Have Fun! 

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